About Us

Our Mission

TRIPLE E SAFETY GROUP is in business to create long-term relationships with clients throughout the world who care about the safety of their people, property and business continuity.

Our Values

  • Invest our resources in solving our client’s challenges, not in overhead
  • Recruit and retain a team of experts in safety-related fields
  • Always do the right thing 
  • Respond to our clients’ needs with value and personal attention
  • Grow our technical leadership in the safety consulting profession

Our Business Philosophy

We surround Jon Evenson’s technical skills in safety consulting with a group of talented specialists in all areas of emergency management, safety and security. These experts join in project teams based on the client’s unique needs. Our goal is to solve our clients’ challenges with custom solutions, while building lasting relationships. We strive to keep our overhead low to enable TRIPLE E SAFETY GROUP to add the very best technical talent to our project teams as required.

What’s in our name?

Jon Evenson is the founder, the owner, a safety professional and the first “E” in TRIPLE E SAFETY GROUP.  Suzanne Evenson is his wife, a mother, a grade school teacher and the second “E” in our name. Fayth Evenson is their daughter, a student, a dancer and the third “E”.

Our company is dedicated to helping people like us protect their companies against the disasters present in an ever increasingly dangerous world.